Therapeutic grade essential oils
Lovely smelling oils with even more lovely benefits!
Eucalyptusinvigorating, refreshing aroma. Diffuse it seasonally to encourage deep breathing and relaxation.
Well Balanced - grounding blend that is woody. Diffuse it to welcome feelings of stability and balance.
PeppermintCooling and refreshing. Diffuse this strong, minty aroma to boost focus, clarity and energy.
Lavenderrelaxing and calming aroma. A popular choice to diffuse before bedtime.
Lemon - cleansing, zesty aroma. Diffuse it to boost focus and energy and to freshen the air.
Airome DIY Odor Eliminating Room Spray includes : Eucalyptus and Orange essential oils and 4 OZ spray bottle. Awesome gift for the pet lovers in your life!
Airome Natural Odor Elimnator Set includes: Black Ultrasonic Diffuser and Eucalyptus essential oil.
Airome Gift Set includes: Floral Ultrasonic diffuser, Peppermint and the popular Rest & Relax essential oil blend.